I’m back again with more Vegan, Gluten-Free guides for you. This time it’s NUGGETS!

No Nuggets aren’t just for kids?
They also aren’t just for lazy people. Sometimes you do just want something easy to add to a salad or snack on.

I’ve found the available and best options in the UK today. So don’t worry – get your condiments ready, you are gonna have more than fries to be dipping soon!

These are all available to cook at home.

Supermarket options:

  • ASDA  – Free From 10 Vegetable Dippers
  • Little Roots by Strong Roots – Sweet Potato & Butternut Nuggets, Crunchy Corn and Carrot Chunks and Pea and Lemon Minis (starting to be hard to find!).
  • Strong Roots – Cauliflower Hash Browns ( I know not quite nuggets but kinda similar and great).
  • Like Meat – Soya Based Nuggets (The best but hardly ever in stock! Sometimes at various supermarkets like Tesco).
  • Fry’s – Rice Protein and Chia Nuggets (usually found at Wholefoods).


In terms of takeaways/restaurants in London there are a few that do some also:

  • Chickenish have their Popcorn bites.
  • Jack and Bry
  • Vurger Co has their Crispy Dippers
  • Vitality Bay have their Clarity Wings made from Broccoli and Cauliflower which are delish too.
  • And trusty McDonalds Veggie Dippers are GF and VGN too!

Hopefully, that’s given you some food for thought…

If you know of any others I should try hit me up on Instagram here.