Have you tried these Vegan, Gluten-Free Burgers yet?


Vurger is an all Vegan restaurant. They have two restaurants in London, one in Shoreditch East London and one in Canary Wharf. They make amazing vegan burgers, and each one can be Gluten Free, just ask for a Gluten-Free bun.

They usually have around 5 burgers available, 4 standard options and 1 extra that changes every couple of months. Right now they have the Sticky Teryaki Burger which I’m holding in the image below. It is very good!

They also do Gluten-free fries, tater tots, salads, and mac and cheese and milkshakes!! It’s one of the best places for Gluten-Free, Vegan options in London.


Mooshies is on Brick Lane in Shoreditch, its an all Vegan restaurant with some Gluten-Free options.

2 out of 4 burgers on their main menu are Gluten Free, just ask for a Gluten-Free bun and the have just launched a savers menu with 2 new burgers that are less expensive than the main menu and both available as Gluten-Free options too.

They also have 1 milkshake, nachos, fries and dessert options available Gluten Free too.

Honest Burger

The well known Honest Burger chain is all over the UK and they have a 2 Gluten-Free, Vegan Burgers available. Their Plant Burger is really good! Just ask for a Gluten-Free bun, and now they have a ‘Bacon’ style vegan burger too which I have yet to try but it looks very good.

They also have Rosemary Salted Chips, Salad options and Onions Rings (OMG they are SO good) that are all Vegan and Gluten-Free too. Image from Honest Burger site. 


By Chloe

The American Vegan chain By Chloe has lots of Gluten-Free, Vegan options including a Classic Burger, Chicken Style Burger and Gauc Burger which are available Gluten Free, just ask for the Gluten-Free option. They are really good. They also have salad, pasta, chips, cakes and more in Gluten-Free, Vegan options.



Leon has the Love Burger that you can ask to be made Gluten-Free with a bun switch (as all of the above too). And at £5.95 it’s a very good price. They also have salads, cheesy fries and more options available. They had Jackfruit Wings which were amazing also, but they seem to have removed them for now, PLEASE BRING THEM BACK LEON! Haha.

Image from Leon Facebook.

If you know of any more places that have Gluten-Free, Vegan burgers, or other food you would like me to cover please email me on iamkittycowell@gmail.com or find me on Instagram here. 

I have previously also had Gluten-Free, Vegan Burgers at Halo and Byron but it seems at the moment neither have them available, hopefully that changes again.