So as a vegan you will know one of the biggest things we miss is cheese. In fact, it’s a reason a lot of people put off making the transition from Vegetarian to full Vegan.

I am also dairy intolerant – so I really had every reason to go full vegan when I did in Jan 2018. That and my awakening to really how awful the industry is to animals.

The one thing I really missed was Camembert. But then lots of amazing Vegan people started to make really good vegan versions. I’ve tried most of them and today I wanted to talk about one of my favourites; New Roots. 


I found New Roots originally in Wholefoods, and then in Planet Organic. They make lots of different kinds of cheese but their ‘Soft White’ Camembert dupe is my favourite, here’s more info on it:

The herbal alternative to Camembert
Due to the traditional fermentation and affinage, which can take 3-4 weeks, this unique, herbal Camembert style results with a shell made of white mold.

Ingredients: hand- cracked cashew nuts * (70%), revitalized water, Himalayan salt, vegan fermentation and fine mold cultures.

On my cheese board I also have two other kinds of cheese from New Roots; Greek Style with nuts, herbs and spices and Garlic and Herb Spread. I decided t pair these with some Gluten-Free crackers, fruit and Vegan Honey from Coconut Merchant.

I also added a Raw Doughnut from Raw Press to make this truly the best sharing board, or don’t share it!


This is the perfect picnic hamper too, pack all these bits away in Tupperware and head to the park for a lovely picnic in the sun.

I would add fruit-infused water and maybe an apple fizz or wine if you drink alcohol.

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