I went on a tour of Leeds best places, curated via the internet and my mates!

And I think I might have found the best places to eat, shop and party to be honest…

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Roots and Fruits

A great vegetarian brunch spot with Vegan and Gluten Free options. I had the Vegan breakfast here and damn; it was truly satisfying. They took out the sausage as it wasn’t gluten free, and added a whole avocado. I would recommend doing that as it tasted amazing next to the tofu scramble and mushrooms etc…

Mrs Athas

A coffee shop in the heart of Leeds owned by my buddy Warren. Warren is a fellow sneaker head and streetwear lover so you can imagine his place is pretty cool. They are very serious about their coffee and tea brewing. I’m a big tea fan, so I fitted in well. I had a gluten free, vegan ‘BLT’ which tasted sooo good. They have vegan cakes and gluten free cakes, but they especially got me in some Vegan & Gluten Free cakes. I’m not meant to tell you that but I say flood them with requests!



Temple Coffee

The most instagram worthy place in Leeds, not only for the decor, but the drinks, donuts, ice cream and merch! I had an iced matcha drink which had vegan ice cream in and got to try all of their ice cream flavours. The donuts looked amazing (all vegan) but they don’t have Gluten Free yet…hopefully one day!

Key Club

100% fun rock night. This place is really cool and actually clean, unlike most rock club nights I’ve been to! Plus they have a guilty pleasures music room too incase you are eager for some Usher… Personally I liked the rock room, especially when Slipknot came on.

Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen

We had some drinks in the sun here and it’s a really cool space. We tried to make it to the roof top but the queue was insane. I could see it looked like a great rooftop if you can get there early. They serve burgers and pizzas, cocktails and loads of kinds of Vegan and Gluten Free beer and Cider too.

Best Vintage

We popped in to see their amazing re-worked vintage collection including Ralph Lauren pieces. Shorts made into two piece crop tops and skirt combos and dresses. I’ve seen this stuff done before, but these were really well designed and made. They had some very on trend checker board pieces too and just a great general collection of vintage sportswear.  Plus their FRUG dog made my day!

Single Shot Record Store

This is a really cool record store and cafe just next to Mrs Athas. They have some amazing posters on the walls and you can search for some really rare vinyl. I even found some signed copies too. I love searching through records for weird and wonderful tunes.

This is my pal Jess who kindly invited me up for the weekend.

I had a really good time exploring Leeds and would love to go back. But which UK city should I explore next?