I have spent the past couple of years trying out some of the best hair salons in London getting my hair bleached and toned silver.

I want to share with you my favourite places to go for the best results because lets face it, it isn’t cheap and you want a good result!

1 – Not Another Salon – Brick Lane


This place is all kinds of awesome. The interior is like something out of a Wes Anderson movie but less pastel more – Primary Colours! They have ice cream floats on their drinks menu and their attention to detail when it comes to hair colour, style and cuts is next to none!

I would happily go back to ANY / ALL of these salons to get my hair done. But one of my favourite salons ever is Not Another Salon. This is mostly because the atmosphere there is so great! The colours inside just warm up my day, the sugary drinks make me happy and also get me through 3/4 hours of sitting down. Plus everyone that works there is a total babe.

2 – Foster London – Shoreditch


I’ve been to Foster a lot, so I feel comfortable there, and the fact I’ve been back lots goes to show…they are doing a good job with my hair!

It’s very chilled and relaxed and the decor is beautiful. I’ve always been happy not just with my colour but also my cut too. Plus there’s quite often one of the owners dogs chilling by your feet which is a massive bonus for dog fans like me…

I think it’s really important to say I always leave with what I asked for which quite frankly doesn’t always happen at hair salons does it!? As insane as that is – you pay someone to make your hair nicer but quite often leave feeling like you need to give it a week to grow back. We’ve all been there right… and I don’t want any of you to be there again!

3 – Blue Tit – Clapton (this is my most recent hair pic.)


This place is awesome, SO many of my friends go to one of their salons so I just had to check them out sooner or later. The staff are incredibly friendly and everyone is at the top of their game. The salon is really big so you don’t feel cramped in which helps when you might be spending a few hours there.

It’s comfortable and has a really cool rustic decor and sort of feels like the kind of flat I would like to live in. I came out with a great cut and perfect silvery toner.


4 – The Lounge – Soho


I actually went in with a really badly washed out purple look and came out a nice clean bleach blond.

The dye I had used before was vegan (with food dye in) which is notoriously bad for getting out. I couldn’t go straight to silver here but I was super happy with how clean and blond they got me and would recommend them as if you went in with a good base they could totally get you a good silver tone.

Their client list boasts of the likes of 1Direction members and various rock /pop stars which makes you feel pretty comfortable.

They also use amazing brands with ethical ingredients from Davines.

  • 10% Student discount on Wednesday between 11am-5pm

I really hope this helps as I know it’s so important to go somewhere trust worthy! I want to let you guys know before you spend hundreds somewhere and don’t get the result you want. I’ve been to a lot more hair dressers but I just want to share THE BEST ones with you guys.