I’ve spent months eating London inside out to try the best vegetarian, gluten free options.

I’m still working my way through so many places and there are always new ones popping up. But I wanted to give you all a little round up so far of some of my faves that I haven’t written about before.

Ethos / Oxford Circus 

Ethos behind Oxford Street in Central London is one of my favourite places to eat at any time of the day. The interior is elegant and earthy but very minimal at the same time. Indoor streets and marble tables gives you a good idea.

Everything is vegetarian and there are lots of vegan, dairy free, refined sugar-free and gluten free options too. The idea is to fill your plate and then weigh it for its price. The only thing with this is it isn’t very cheap, but it’s very worth it trust me. The plates below were around £15 each and are very full. I always leave feeling satisfied!

Farm Stand / Covent Garden

Farm Stand is a similar idea to Ethos but their options are more structured. Rather than pay per weight they have seasonal menus with structured offers. For Lunch and dinner you can choose one main and two sides for £7.50 for example.

85% of their menu is vegetarian (80% of which is vegan), 5% fish and 10% meat but no pork). All their food and drink is free from gluten, dairy and added sugar. The only added sugar they use is unrefined and just in their sweet treats like these amazing muffins below. Well actually the one on the right is a savoury breakfast muffin which let me tell you; was incredibly tasty and not crumbly at all.

Peskys Pop Up / Hackney Wick

The Peskys Pop Up location is fairly juxtaposed to the cute vegan food on offer. We wondered around trying to find the restaurant around Hackney Wicks industrial area for a while. Once we found it, it kind of made sense. The owners have created this lovely little spot in the heart of work buildings that manages to feel quaint and cute. It was a lovely sunny day and the outdoor seating and tables are alike a garden party and felt rather fun and cosy.

But lets get to the food. The pop up is purely vegan and comes as a set menu with two choices. Either a general fry up or a pancakes option. To start they serve a fruit bowl and pastry plus a Bucks Fizz or Bloody Mary (virgin options too). The whole lot is £22 in advance or £25 on the day.

The starter pastry isn’t gluten free but the fruit is all good, and both mains can be made gluten free which is ace! I had the pancakes as it’s not very often I can, and they were lovely. The main breakfast looked amazing though, with tofu scramble and hang made has browns. Worth a visit on a sunny day!

I went with my friends (fellow bloggers) Haydy and Luisa. Check out their blogs!

Firedog / Tottenham Court Road

Firedog in Fitzrovia (although I would say describing it as just off Tottenham Court Road makes more sense) is Aegean inspired food with a tapas vibe.

The interior is very modern and cool, they are usually playing hiphop music and have some cool modern art inside. The first time I went I had a really amazing baked egg  dish:

Baked eggs – smoked tomato, charred peppers, hung herb yoghurt, chilli oil, grilled flat bread £9.90

The second time I went we had the evening menu which is more of a tapas vibe and the samphire was a definite highlight. There’s a lot of of vegetable and salad dishes, humous etc. The only thing they lack are a potato / rice dish or gluten free bread. That besides I still really enjoy the food, it’s just a little hard to be full on my diet without some kind of carb.

Percy & Founders / Fitzrovia 

This beautiful restaurant in the heart of Fitzrovia is a great brunch spot with a vast interior and great food. They can make most options gluten free which is great. I had the cherry tomato, baked eggs dish with crushed avocado and they put gluten free croutons in and took out the Chorizo (which it has in the dish on the menu) this costs around £9. The atmosphere is fun but relaxing and the staff are very friendly.

I would recommend this for a Sunday brunch spot.

Mildreds / Soho

Mildreds is one of my favourite spots in London, it’s an obvious and well known vegetarian restaurant with 3 restaurants across London. The other two are in Camden and Kings Cross. The Soho spot is always convenient so I’ve bene there a few times. Not only do they do great vegetarian food, but they also have lots of gluten free options and vegan too. Below is their Japanese bowl which is delicious, healthy and has a slight kick to keep your senses triggered. The other two bowls which mt friends enjoyed are the stir fry which I hear is amazing.

I’ve also had burgers and breakfast options and I’ve never been disappointed. The prices are good, the options are vast and mostly very healthy too. The only thing is the Soho branch is quite small so there is sometimes a wait.


And there you have it – so far these are my top places for choice as a vegetarian, gluten free eater. There are however loads of other amazing restaurants I have been to that also offer options and I’ve really enjoyed but they just haven’t had as much choice and I wanted this post to be about variety and also places that offer items you can hardly ever find; like the pancakes at Peskys.

Please let me know if you would like any other similar posts?