Have you tried eyelash extensions yet?

I’ve tried them twice now and I’m pretty much hooked…

Before going to a professional I used to use the individual clusters you can buy in Boots. They are pretty easy to use but don’t last that long and can be obvious to see when worn with make up. As it usually gathers over the glue which is realllly annoying.

FATLASH is an independent Eyelash Parlour in London Bridge specialising in Russian Volume eyelash extensions and classic eyelash extensions.

Here’s the difference according to Claire at FATLASH who knows her stuff:

Russian Volume is THE DADDY of eyelash extensions and much more advanced. Ultra fine lashes are skillfully tweezed apart to create large or small fans. This technique is also referred to as ‘2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D and 9D. *(The number refers to the amount of lashes within one fan and the D refers to ‘Dimension’) * Using these fans creates the volume and impact people desire. It looks much more sophisticated than the classic look. This technique does not damage or overweigh your lashes as ultra fine lashes are used. Classic lashes are much thicker and cannot be used for Russian Volume.

The classic lash technique is the 1:1 application of one extension to a single natural lash. This creates more of a mascara look and does not create volume. These lash extension are thicker and cannot be used for Russian Volume.

Claire wanted me to try the full experience in order to really get a good idea of what the salon is capable of. She advised me to go for Russian Volume and I was happy to try them out. It took a couple of hours to put them in but it’s pretty chill, you literally just lie down while she gets to work on your closed eyes.

So below are quite clear images of the result, I say quite – look at the change! Now my own lashes are usually a bit longer but I had previously been to a not so good lash salon. And they used a much harsher glue that had damaged my lashes as the extensions fell out. I can feel a HUGE difference with Fat Lashes though. I can’t even feel them. The previous ones had felt uncomfortable straight away and it really upset me as I had wasted money on them. They still looked quite nice but were obvious unlike these. Obviously the length is obvious but the lashes are so soft and natural and you can’t see ANY glue.

FYI I have the ‘Glam’ look but here you can see the natural and Mega Volume: https://www.fatlash.co.uk/book


The prices range from £95-£140 and infills are £65. You really do pay for what you get though, and the first place I went to only cost me £40 which was hence why it wasn’t great…






Two different selfies since getting them down to show you how they look:

Before and after shots: