So here is Clean Cut Kid’s new music video ‘Leaving you Behind’ styled by me:

This is our 3rd music video working together, and its fun every time, needless to say the results are amazing! We shot the latest video in their hometown of Liverpool in the very famous ‘Penny Lane.’ Penny Lane is well known for being the home of and a song title from The Beetles. It was a super cool location to shoot a new music video and just a great place to check out.

The way it works is we have endless emails, whatsapps and calls going over ideas and mapping our colours etc for the styling and video theme. Once that is all in place I go out and shop for looks, again sending through images via whatsapp and email as the band are usual on tour or in practise sessions. We then have a fitting before the actual video to choose the final looks and then wayheyyy presto I bring the looks to the shoot for the real deal!

Below are a few pics from behind the scenes on the day we shot with me, the band and my assistant Rhys who helps me with my styling duties, carrying around suit cases etc!

It’s so awesome seeing the final product and I’m very blessed to work with such awesome talented and lovely people.

You can pre-order their new album here –

Wearing left to right:

Mike: Cheap Monday, Quiksilver and Vans.

Evlyn: Cheap Monday, Rokit, Vans.

Ross: Watershed Brand, Quiksilver, Volcom and Vans.

Saul: Quiksilver, Cheap Monday, Volcom and Vans.