Honest  is launching in the UK and they aren’t being quiet about it… but that’s normal seeming as the founder Seth Logan is also the author of ‘Mission In A Bottle’ an inspiring business speaker, do gooder and man behind many viral health food campaigns recently. Including the worlds first Veggie Burger that actually bleeds… Look it up!
Back to Honest… an organic herbal, cold tea drink with very low sugar that can pick you up without the nasty post sugar crash! Honest is a really light ice tea style drink with subtle but great flavours and made from all organic ingredients, there’s no E numbers and crazy unreadable words, it’s all simple and natural. Seth’s philosophy is a simple one; it doesn’t matter if it’s healthy if you don’t like the taste; it’s all about the taste! He knows that health drinks need to taste as good as unhealthy options and that’s why Honest is launching with a lot of free give aways and even price cuts in stores to let the public try it out.


We headed to ‘Look Mum No Hands’ in Old Street for a lovely sunny lunch outside with Honest drinks alongside a very healthy light lunch menu. The dishes all had some form of inspiration from the Honest drinks ingredients which is a nice touch! Salads, tarts and lots of veg made for a great meal in good company. Seth talked us through the company story from beginning to now which was pretty inspiring. It’s amazing to taste something you like, know it’s healthy and giving back to communities. I think it really helps you to want to buy into a brand when you know that by buying it you aren’t damaging your body and you are helping the earth and people from the communities it is made in.

Seth’s morals and mentalities are positive and very personally close to mine. And the drinks are tasty as hell!

Check out more here: http://www.drinkhonest.co.uk/en/home/