American sports brand Majestic Athletic have just collaborated with UK online retailer giant ASOS on some exclusive pieces plus the retailer in general now stock looooads of their main line collection. I’ve always been a fan of American sports and sports labels alike. I think it comes from watching American movies growing up like ET and Home Alone and just wanting to be cool like the main characters were… Alas I’m a British female and we played Netball and ran in the mud for cross country… A girl can dream!


I’ve styled up a Majestic Long sleeve Tee and Satin Hooded Bomber for my latest blog piece. Both are menswear pieces and I’ve teamed them with a skirt, neck scarf and converse to give them my own twist.

My marble Converse are a contemporary take on the classic high tops with a very fashionably monochrome print. Marble is the internets silk, and instagrams favourite backdrop and it works very nicely on this classic silhouette. The laces are even reflective and they have the very comfortable Nike innersoles that the new Chucks come with.

I love the sleeve print detailing on the long sleeve tee, it has an authentic yet modern feel about it. When wearing oversized, unisex pieces it’s great to have detailing that stands out as block coloured oversizing can be to bold and look unflattering. The detailing breaks it up. I decided to tuck in the tee to a skirt to give my silhouette balance and add a feminine touch to the look. The neck scarf adds a slightly more mature feel with it’s classic nature and throws back to teddy’s girls and rockabilly inspirations.

Images by Thiamatic

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