So Festivals – THEY CAME BACK!

Finally, after no live music in 2020 we were able to get back into muddy fields, put on some fun outfits and watch musicians do what they do best, with a paper cup full of cider/beer.

I went to Leeds Festival and documented some awesome artists / cool peeps and what they wore.

On my Instagram you can find a video with interviews from the artists backstage. I might pop it on my Youtube too.

First up – Ashnikko stole the show. Not only live but also with her outfit and Vagina-Bear accessory backstage. I LOVE Ashnikko, I think she’s the new Lady Gaga but with a dark twist. Her performance was like watching TIKTOK in real life, everyone knew every word of her feminist pop songs and the tent was absolutely packed.

Her outfit gives subtle bondage but at the same time ethereal vibes. White lacing with eyelets giving an almost Grecian meets alt-pop princess look. She just needs a throne made of f*ckboys to sit on to complete it.

DEMOB HAPPY came with their cool western-style and hard-hitting rock. Matthew had a full burgundy suit on for their performance and Adam had some lovely brown suit trousers, coordinating nicely with Tom’s cool western shirt. Here, backstage the guys have sort of half de-robed after a hot live performance but they still look cool. Matthew told me he had his suit made to fit in Brighton especially for the performance, it had a cool black panel down the sides giving it a smart but fun edge – perfect for live gigs.

I got to chat with Grace Mckagen, the solo artist who used to front The Pink Slips, and daughter of Guns n Roses star Duff McKagen. Her style as well as her solo music hints at 60’s rock n roll. She also draws inspiration from British punk style and loves designers like Vivienne Westwood. She’s absolutely lovely and her solo record is one to look out for.

The awesome Nova Twins absolutely killed it as per usual. Looking amazing in their custom outfits, made by themselves.
I have actually worked with the girls, helping to style them previously but all I did was add to their already killer looks. They have this awesome Punk way of customising items of clothing – in a way I used to do when I was younger – but taken to the next level. I love how they manage to match, but also look so individual at the same time.
They also killed their live set and I’m already excited for this next gig.

Sports Team were another seriously well-dressed band at Leed Fest, here we have Alex and Oli who both looked great.
I was a little concerned with Alex in a full leather suit during a heatwave, but the mesh balanced him out to allow for some breathing space! Their live set was fun, not only because they have some great tunes, but as a band, they all carry their own personality on stage to create a dynamic and enjoyable stage presence.

Yonaka are always cool on and off stage, plus absolutely tear down each set they do.
These are their pre-stage outfits. Theresa wore a bodysuit and harness with big chunky boots for their live set.
See my IGTV for images.
But I think it’s cool as hell to see how good they look before they even go on stage.

Alyx and Yasmine from On Wednesdays We Wear Black Podcast.
These two chums of mine are absolutely killing it with their podcast, which they do with my other pal Sophie K who wasn’t at Leeds this year (she was on holiday). They look like a perfect duo in their slightly co-ordinating gothy, alt outfits including their Poundland bumbags – we love to see it. It’s all about HOW you wear it, not what you wear.

And here are my Day 1 and Day 2 outfits from Leeds Fest. 
Day 1 – Vintage Max Mara top and Massiumo Dutti jeans I found in a charity shop!
Jacket – old Nasty Girl.
Sunglasses – Arnette
Boots – Dr Martins
Choker – Cyber Dog

Day 2 – Sunglases by Arnette
Top and Trousers, Flower necklace – Monki
Belt – Amazon Fashion

Here’s my mate Jess Foxxtailz – a Leeds based content creator with a big alternative style vibe.
I loved her harness in this outfit, her plaid skirt and chunky boots. The Suicide Silence patch is a cheeky little winner too.

And finally here is my rock photo queen Julia Lucas.
The genius behind all these photos, in her leopard print, mesh long sleeve top like the rock n roll babe she is!
Check out her website here:

My outfits include some PR gifts, and thank you to Leeds festival for the PR access.