So if you don’t know yet I’m really getting into fitness, I’m like a 3 times a week gym / class and running goer but my aim is to get up to 5 days a week and be ripped! It’s awesome getting to try out new fitness classes with brands and the other day Boohoo took me to try out ‘Anti Gravity Yoga.’

Me and a bunch of other babe-ing bloggers (they are the babes i don’t mean to put myself in that category hah!) were asked to join Boohoo to try out their new gym wear and hit London Dance Academy for the class.

I’ve do Yoga usually once a week, and sometimes Hot Yoga too…but never Anti Gravity Yoga before, and it was pretty awesome.


Anti-Gravity Yoga is a combination of yoga and other calming exercises that are performed in a hammock (as you can see above and below). Basically I really vibed out on the hammock vibes. I could for reals cwtch up in one at home any day of the week. But it’s an added bonus that they act as a work out prop too! By the way cwtch means cuddle / snuggle in Welsh (I used to live in Cardiff)… moving on…

After some safety rules, we were shown how to safely use and dismount the hammocks to avoid dizziness – as we were going to be hanging upside down!
No need to worry though as these hammocks can hold the weight of a baby elephant! So we were told…I’m not really sure how that’s been tested though? But it was true and worked! Or at least they held me as you can see…


We were shown different ways to stretch using the hammocks. Hanging upside down with the material wrapped around our legs and feet whilst calmly breathing helps to stretch the spine and neck muscles and also gives you the opportunity to like a bat. Which everyone is after right!?


After Boohoo gave us some healthy brunch snacks which is always a nice way to round off a work out.

In all honesty I loved the class and would 100% do it again!