Today I went on a trip around Soho to capture my favourite spots to share them with you guys here.

This post is full of Vegan, Gluten Free Food, Comics, Alternative Fashion and Streetwear.

First up was brunch…

Farm Girl

Farm Girl is an amazing healthy cafe that feels like you are eating treat food. It’s not overly cheap or overly pricey, for example, a half sandwich is £5.50 but the half portions are massive!

I treated myself to a Butterfly Matcha 4.20 which is Organic blue matcha powder with almond milk.

And to eat I had Blue Jack Tacos 12.00 GF V NF which are BBQ pulled jackfruit, pineapple, guacamole, lettuce & egg free mayonnaise served on three blue corn tortillas. I had a very blue brunch! It was amazing.

So it was around £17 but like I say I usually get a coconut BLT for £5.50 and they have free water so it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Also if you are visiting from outside of London or just fancy staying in Soho click here to find a bunch of awesome Hotels Near Soho. 

Next up we went shopping.


First stop we took a look around one of my favourite streetwear stores Patta. Originally from Amsterdam this is their UK flagship store. Tees are around £40 and they have awesome jackets and bags too.



Next up we took a look around Fiorucci who are a really cool high end meets streetwear men’s and womenswear store. They have a customisation service with loads of awesome patches. You can customise beanies, tees, jackets etc…

This is one for investment buys which tees starting at £80.

Underground London

Then we headed to Underground London, the original Creeper brand.

It’s a must for me that everyone slightly punk has a pair of Underground Creepers in their wardobe!

Gosh Comics

Gosh Comics was our next stop, such a cool store with some amazing indie novels and comics as well as major ones. You can’t have shopping recommendations blog without a comic book store!


Foot Patrol

Next up is the newly refurbished Foot Patrol. One of the best sneaker stores for limited edition releases, collabs etc…

The Circle

The Circle is where I get tattooed and it’s one of the best tattoo shops in London. The level of skill and variety of the artists here is amazing.

On top of that, they also sell clothing, homeware and jewellery.

The Ragged Preist and Lazy Oaf

Then I had to go to The Ragged Preist and Lazy Oaf as you need to go there if you are shopping in Soho! They are almost next to each other and both sell really fun, alternative fashion. I picked up an amazing stripey jumper for £45 at The Ragged Preist.



Finally on my shopping spots is the new Stussy store. FINALLY, we have a Stussy flagship in London! A place where you can get exclusive collabs and London only merchandise from one of the best streetwear brands in the world, in my opinion!

Here’s me in one of their Aries x Stussy tees that I picked up recently and was wearing on this trip.


Las Vegas Arcade

To have some FUN, there’s a really cute little Japanese style arcade underneath the Las Vegas Arcade Wardour Street. They have this Guitar Hero console as well as Japanese style dance games and loads more! It’s about £1 per token which is usually the price of one game.

Lastly more food…


We had to go to my favourite dessert shop Yorica. It’s a totally Vegan, Gluten-free dessert store with nut free and natural sugar options. IT’S THE BEST!

I hope this is a useful guide for you all when visiting Soho, London.

Just an FYI: The spending money was gifted by, but all views are my own.