I want to highlight a really cool female creative called Abimarvel.

It’s been amazing over the past few weeks to see the uprising and support for the black community. Albeit because of tragic circumstances – please see my previous blog here for more on that.


The positive side of this tragedy is the sudden support that the internet and the white fashion world especially has been giving to Black Fashion Creatives. I, myself have been trying to do my bit too.

I am lucky to say I have so many incredible Black womxn around me, who constantly inspire me. So yes you may have seen Abi’s face on my blog and Instagram before – because she constantly creates photo-worthy scenes at her events.

So who is Abimarvel? Well first if you are in the Fashion Industry, especially as a blogger you may know her from The Apārtment (Apt); an LFW hangout in central London and Digital and Influencer Marketing Agency. Each season Abi and her team create ‘instagramable’ apartment spaces in collaboration with amazing brands.

The Apārtment (Apt) space is a ‘hangout’, workspace, food hall etc… in between your LFW show stops. And quite frankly it is heaven! I usually spend way too much time there, in fact, I’ve been there during the end when no one else apart from the team is there. Mostly because I’m too tired after running around, and because it’s just such a lovely team. You end up feeling like one of them; it’s just such an inclusive and friendly atmosphere.

Since 2012 Abi has headed up The Apt team collaborating with brands such as Boots, Haig Club, Topshop, Sloggi, Liberty, Samsung etc…

As well as this Abi is the Creative Director of arva & Studio arva, Brand Director of Cube Collective and Beauty Editor at CUBICLE.

(Here is Abi with The Apt team outside one of their LFW spaces, including her 3 sisters)

Over the years Abi has given me SO MANY amazing photo opportunities to help drive my content and meet brands which I have then worked with. She has also given me friendship and on top of that the opportunity to witness the beautiful personalities of her family who also often work alongside her. Including her sister Dee aka Dee’s Basement, who I have to thank for making not only incredible food but food I CAN EAT eg: Gluten-Free and Vegan options at their events.

Here is Dee and one of her Cake creations at their Starbucks event in Oct 2019.

Abi has been reposted/blogged about numerous times over the past few weeks and it’s amazing to see her finally reaching a level of praise she truly deserves.

Here Abi and I are (casually) enjoying a Starbucks at that same event.

As you can see their presentation and set styling skills are incredible.

Here are some images from a Boots event the team put on in 2018:


Above I am with my friends Skai and Yanin enjoying the food and drinks options.

And below my friend Mille Cotton was on the decks, providing some great tunes during the event.

I always know when I am going to one of Abi’s events it will be inclusive and relaxing at the same time as entertaining and not to mention, multi-sensory and very aesthetically pleasing.

Abi has just re-launched her lifestyle brand Arva, where you can find amazing homeware and lifestyle products, read travel reviews and their Arva Bodega food & drinks delivery service is re-launching soon too.

Abi is a great ‘influencer’ in her own right with great style; find her here: https://www.instagram.com/abimarvel/

Images by Kris Atomic