Today I’ve been running around London to press days and meetings. I have a really exciting thing happening soon with a brand… So I had to go and talk about design elements today!!

I’ve been to some SS17 press days too and had a morning meeting with Nike about fitness stuff for my other blog The Unisex Mode that I run with buddy Juice Gee. The link is on this website at the top.

I went for a smart hat today, oversized men’s baseball jacket, a neckerchief, baseball jersey, leather mini skirt and skate shoes. It all sounds a bit mad when your write it down doesn’t it? But I was inspired by mixing a few styles i dig; rockabilly, sartorial and skate.

My top and jacket are menswear and the rest is womenswear. I like to take men’s pieces and mix them with womenswear to make them my own. 

Have you heard of Vision skate shoes? That’s what I have on my feet. They were a dope skate brand in the 80’s / 90’s and had a bit of a revival a few years ago. These are some original skate shoes made by them prior to the revival and I kind of love them. Simple, classic and I love the heritage of the brand. Plus it’s nice to have a pair of shoes that aren’t the same as everyone else.

Hat – Brixton

Jacket – DC

Tee – Majestic 

Skirt – Charity Shop find.

Shoes – Vision Skate Wear