When I was in a funk a few years ago I was told I should get CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), but I was in between living places in different parts of the country and so in-between doctors and didn’t have the cash to go private.

I turned to blogs and youtube to understand what was going on inside my head. And to be honest it really helped me.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to a doctor; YOU SHOULD! I ended up getting a bit of counselling through college. But having these resources helped me to understand, and feel less alone.

I still turn to the internet in my constant quest to learn more both for myself and those around me. I’m always being asked what I watch on Instagram etc… so I thought I would show you here.

Julia Kristina

What it’s like to struggle with depression. 

This whole channel is so well put together. Julia is a registered Psychiatrist and during this video invites another Youtuber who struggles with depression to talk about her struggle.


Like Kristen

10 Symptoms of depression everyone should know. 

From the above video, I found Kristen’s channel. It’s real, she’s dealing with these issues herself. It makes so much sense, and you know the content is honest.

Another by Kristen which I thought was really interesting.

What it’s like to be in love while depressed. 

We are constantly told we need to b perfect and ‘love ourselves’ before we can love others. But as Kristen points out, sometimes we never fully will…but with the support of someone who we love, who loves us we can get through it each time! I think that’s a really important message.


Two videos on ‘How to help someone with depression.’‹‹

I find these kinds of videos really useful as a friend/ loved one to someone going through this stuff. But also they can teach you a lot about yourself too.

Both of these channels are great, but I really like to hear more from a guys perspective sometimes. Male mental health is very important and something that needs to be talked about and shared way more.